FestAbility seating will be limited, please bring lawn chairs, blankets. etc.

Check out these activities at festability!

Bubble Bus

The Bubble Bus

 Join the Bubble Bus on the north lawn of the Missouri History Museum from 2-3 pm on July 27th!  

The Bubble Bus is the world’s most sure-fire way of spreading joy and bubbles to people of all ages.

The first and only mobile business of its kind, the Bubble Bus and its interactive bubble-making magic can appear anywhere you want to attract or entertain a crowd. 

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Lasting Impressions Home Remodel Center LTD.

Lasting Impressions: Sensory Room

Take a break in our FestAbility sensory room provided by Lasting Impressions located in the Schnucks Classroom on the first floor of the Missouri History Museum from 11 am - 6 pm 

 No matter what diagnosis someone may have, they deserve the same quality of life as the next person, and that is what we stand behind here at Lasting Impressions. With our home remodeling we have ways to create a wheelchair accessible home, a safe space, a sensory room in St. Louis, a track lift system and more. We tell everyone to simply tell us what difficulty it is you are facing, and let us do the legwork. We get more joy from helping and making a difference than anything else we do with our lives. Our hearts are great and our eyes are open. We see the places in our world that need to be changed, and that is what we aim to do. Gandhi said to “Be the change you wish to see in the world”, and that is what we do with every dawning day. 

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history clubhouse activities

UD for yoga


Participate in UD Yoga in the Missouri History Museum at 11:15 am on July 27th! 

Universal Design for Yoga: an approach that makes yoga available to everyone, period.  Natasha Baebler, the founder of UDyoga, is an individual with multiple disabilities, a Rehabilitation Counselor, and Registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Alliance. Through her practice, Natasha recognized barriers to full access.

Visit us online at UDforyoga.com or follow us on Facebook.  

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Different Dynamics A Center For Special Music Education


Join Different Dynamics the Missouri History Museum at 12:15pm and 3:45pm on July 27th! 

The mission of Different Dynamics, a non-profit center for special music education, is to enrich the lives of youth with special needs and their families through adaptive music programming. Different Dynamics provides private music lessons, group music classes, and music therapy. Grab your dancing shoes and get ready to sing, play, and dance at a free group music class, because with Different Dynamics everyone can find success in music!

Visit us online at DifferentDynamicsSTL.org or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  

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MADCO Dare. Dance. Discover.


Join MADCO in the History Clubhouse at 1:15 pm and 4:45 pm on July 27th! 

MADCO has developed creative movement and dance classes for students with intellectual and developmental disabilities in partnership with community organizations and universities. Students learn the fundamentals of dance while exploring rhythm and creative movement in classes designed to increase self - confidence, improve body awareness, develop muscle coordination and balance, and encourage interpersonal interactions. 

Find out more about MADCO at www.madcodance.com and @madcodance on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter

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lower level activities

Duo Dogs Creating Extraordinary Bonds Between People and Dogs

Duo Dogs: The Touch Program

Join Duo Dogs in the lower level classroom at the Missouri History Museum from 

11 am - 6 pm for activities! 

The Touch Program certifies volunteers and their own dogs to visit facilities in which the adult and pediatric patients or residents can benefit from a visit with a well-trained canine. These facilities include hospitals, nursing homes, retirement communities, and rehab clinics. Experience has shown that family and facility staff also benefit from the Touch visits in the facility as much as the patients or residents do.

The dogs are accepted into the program based on their temperament and their willingness to be touched and interact with people. Currently, the Touch Program has dogs ranging from teacup breeds, to Great Danes, Bull Mastiffs, and all breeds, mixes, and sizes in between. 

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Roborebels #STEMforALL

Join STEMforALL in the FestAbility Kids Zone! powered by Moneta (AT&T Room) at the Missouri History Museum from 

11 am - 6 pm for activities! 

THE RoboRebels outreach imitative #STEMforALL! is a program run by volunteers involved in FIRST Robotics and STEM high school programs. It includes hands on project based educational activities using STEM Tools. Tools such as: LEGO Bricks, Robots, Code Games, etc. STEM being defined as Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.

The RoboRebels truly believe that #STEMforALL! engages all individuals, no matter what their abilities or background, to improve their computational thinking. 

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Artists First

 Join Artists First in the FestAbility Kids Zone! powered by Moneta (AT&T Room) at the Missouri History Museum from 11 am - 6 pm pm for activities! 

Artists First is a nonprofit organization that provides aspiring artists of all abilities access to quality materials, expansive studio space, respectful guidance, and a friendly, supportive community. At Artists First, individuals are offered a platform to grow through creative self-expression socially, intellectually and emotionally.
Artists First's open studio programs promote arts, community involvement, education and wellbeing for adults with disabilities, youth with and without disabilities and current and former Armed Service members.
Using a creative approach genuine community integration, personal and financial growth of disenfranchised individuals is furthered. 

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missouri history museum tours


Flores Mexicanas: A Lindbergh Love Story

Enjoy accessible tours of the Missouri History Museum's newest exhibit during FestAbility! 

12:30 – 1 PM - AD tour of Flores Mexicanas

3:45 - 4:30 PM - ASL tour Flores Mexicanas

Flores Mexicanas: A Lindbergh Love Story unveils a painting and a story that haven’t been seen in decades. The highlight of the exhibit is Alfredo Ramos Martínez’s magnificent and massive Flores Mexicanas painting—one of many wedding gifts given to Anne and Charles Lindbergh in 1929. This and other featured gifts illustrate the couple’s celebrity status as ambassadors for aviation and America.

Flores Mexicanas also examines the couple’s connections to Mexico, as well as the relationship between the US and its southern neighbor during the early 20th century. Explore the Lindberghs’ love story, learn about Alfredo Ramos Martínez’s importance as a Mexican artist, and discover the necessity of conservation within museums.

This exhibit is presented in both English and Spanish.

Organized by the Missouri History Museum in collaboration with the University of Missouri–St. Louis’s graduate program in Museums, Heritage, and Public History.

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