Seating at FestAbility will be limited, please bring your own lawn chairs, blankets. etc. 



Utopia Entertainment St. Louis MO


 FestAbility is proud to partner with Utopia Entertainment, join us on the FestAbility stage on the north lawn of the Missouri History Museum at 2 pm on July 27th!  Main stage entertainment will end with a dance party led by Utopia Entertainment. 


TAGG Stars! Totally Awesome Girls Group


 Join the TAGG girlfriends to kick off the FestAbility entertainment on the FestAbility stage on the north lawn of the Missouri History Museum at 11:15 am on July 27th! 

The Totally Awesome Girlfriends Group (TAGG) began in 2009 when a group of moms wanted a place for their daughters who had Down Syndrome to make friends with other girls their age. TAGG started out in a basement of one the family's home and has since grown into a group that not only celebrates family events together year round, but also performs dance routines at various community events. 

TAGG has been invited to perform at annual events like St Louis Arc Superheros and other Arc events, Missouri Best Buddies program, the annual All Star Game for the Pujols Family Foundation, Easter Seals of the Midwest and the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St Louis. 

TAGG loves to perform at community events - Come watch them be Totally Aweso

ROCK 21!

Derek Baker performs Honey Bee by Blake Shelton at Tin Roof in St. Louis MO for Rock 21! 

  Join  the Rock 21! rock stars on the FestAbility stage on the north lawn of the Missouri History Museum at 1 1:30 am on July 27th! 

Have you ever dreamed of being a rock star?  So many people dream of being on the stage and hearing the crowd chant your name, sing along with you, and send you off the stage with a standing ovation.  We like to make dreams come true at the Down Syndrome Association of Greater St Louis.

DSAGSL's Rock 21! is a program for individuals with Down syndrome to perform in a rock band with a professional musician. They are placed in bands and practice for 8 weeks and then end the program with a concert at a super cool venue!



CHARIS will perform on the FestAbility main stage from 1-2pm on July 27th! 

CHARIS is excited to share songs from our past two concerts including classics like “Love Me Tender” and “St. Louis Blues,” and Broadway favorites “What About Love” and “For Good,”

We have been the artists in residence at the Missouri History Museum for the past six years and are really looking forward to celebrating our vibrant community at Festability.

CHARIS prides itself on the diversity of its membership, program and audience. CHARIS comprises 25-65 women varying in age from 16 to 66. We represent a variety of ethnicities, sexual orientations, economic situations, and abilities and disabilities.



 Black Bound Entertainment is an Independent Record Label looking to bridge the gap between the Major Record Labels vs. the Independents. We also want to balance the type of entertainment being released in the community by making more positive, uplifting, and motivational music. Our slogan is “Create Your Experience,” meaning you have the power to make your life what you want it if you put in the WORK. 



The Disability project, That Uppity Theatre Company, accessible performance


Join The DisAbility Project in History Clubhouse located on the first floor of the Missouri History Museum at 2:30pm on July 27th! 


 An outgrowth of That Uppity Theatre Company, the DisAbility Project has brought together amateur and professional performers of all abilities to create theater for 22 seasons and counting under the leadership of Producing Artistic Director Joan Lipkin and Associate Director Vanessa Roman. Comprised of people with and without disabilities to model inclusion, the project creates and tours original work about disability rights and the culture of disability.