check out these food trucks from 1-7:30pm

Destination Desserts

Destination Desserts a non-profit organization benefiting the Center For Head Injury Services


A social enterprise implementing programs designed to train, employ and advance the lives of people with disabilities through a  self-sustaining and viable businesses that serves the community in many different ways. All of the products from the Center’s social enterprises are handmade, packaged and sold with an integrated workforce. In addition to training and jobs, 100 percent of the proceeds of the businesses go to support the Center’s mission. 

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Kona Ice

Kona Ice Food Truck


Kona Ice is a shaved ice vendor.  With full use of our flavorwave system, you can put whatever flavor you want on your shaved ice.  Want some Tiger's Blood?  We've got you covered!  How about mixing Pineapple, Peach, and Mango?  Any flavor you choose will be just what you need on a hot summer day!

kona ice website

Essentially Fries

Essentially Fries, hand-cut, unique, extraordinary fries


Mobile Food Truck serving extra ordinary French Fries. Follow us around the Saint Louis area or book us to come you! 

Essentially Fries Menu

grab a beer from beer outside from 1-9pm

Beer Outside

Beer Outside, Beer garden, Beer vendors, beer on tap

Beer Outside! What more could you ask for? Beer Outside is a 20 tap trailer stocked with locally brewed delicious craft beer, sometimes offering a unique selection from out of town. We specialize in pop-up beer gardens in local parks and area venues but can be booked for private events.

Beer outside website

Guerrilla Street Food

Guerrilla Street Food, food truck


The Guerrilla Street Food story starts with our food truck. When our truck hit the streets of St. Louis in 2011, we were one of the first on the road. Now, we’re proud to have been a pioneer for St. Louis’s vibrant food truck community.

Guerrilla street food website